Thursday, 13 November 2014

Another birthday in the house

There's been another birthday in the house this week.


This time it was David's turn to be celebrating as he turned 9.


Birthday boys always get to choose what they would like for their birthday dinner, as well as what type of cake they would like.


David asked if we could have take away pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner! We've never had Pizza Hut for dinner before because it wouldn't be fair on the boys who can't eat it. However, when David asked for this I also got to thinking that it's his choice of treat after all. Calum and Alasdair were both fine with it - they both got to have Sainsburys Free From fish fingers for dinner so they were happy too.


The birthday boy was delighted when the girl came to the door with the pizzas, although a little disappointed that she didn't come on a scooter like they do on the movies.


He had also requested that we have Pizza Express dough balls, which I was able to buy in the supermarket. Nothing like mixing up your pizza restaurants!




Boy are those pizzas filling! I can hardly move 6 hours later!
His birthday cake request surprised me a little - he asked for a lemon cake. Despite the request for pizza, I think his taste buds are actually quite sophisticated for a 9 year old!
Lemon cake it was.
Triple layered, as it was a special occasion.
And he specifically asked if I could decorate it the way I usually do 'with that wee slice of lemon twisted on the top.'






'Gather round your brother so I can get a nice photo of you all together', I said.
'A nice one please?'


'Because Granny & Grandad and Granny & Shen will be asking to see one...'


There we go.


And of course, here is the obligatory clip of the cake and the birthday song.



Happy birthday to our sport loving David. Everything this boy does he does with a passion, both the good and the not quite so good. Channel that passion in the right direction and he will move mountains for you.


May he be blessed with many more birthdays, pizza filled or not.

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  1. Happy birthday David! God bless you this upcoming year (and the other years as well :)!

    (I'd tend to agree with David's choice of dinner...)


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