Monday, 3 November 2014

Make it Monday - Lego Minifigure Costumes

On Friday it was the annual Boys' Brigade fancy dress party.


We had been thinking over what costumes the boys wanted to make for a few weeks but nobody could decide what they wanted to be. Ally (5) was first to make a decision, choosing to dress up as a soldier with the soldier dress up clothes from the dress up box that he wears quite often. All he wanted to add was some Camo face paint.


Two days before the party Calum (12) decided he would like to be a Lego Minifigure. Of course, as soon as David (8) heard this he decided that he wanted to be one too.


Look at that mean soldier above!
The mini figures were really easy to make, which was just as well given the last minute of the decisions!
The heads are just made up of sheets of yellow card stuck together and the features drawn on with Sharpie.


For the hands I bought a piece of the foam insulation you buy for putting round pipes. It already has a hole in the middle of it and we just cut out a little wedge to make the right size of opening for the hand. Then the boys painted them yellow with some acrylic paint. Rather haphazardly it would have to be said! We stuck a straw in the foam so that the could hold them inside their sleeves.








They were really pleased with their costumes, and one of them even won the prize for the best costume.
I think it was awarded for cuteness rather than the skill of the costume though as it was this boy who won.....


And yes of course soldiers wear wellies. It's a vital part of their uniforms!


  1. Fantastic costumes and great to see some thought going into them as it's so easy to pick them up ready made now but they lack a bit of originality. Well done boys (and Mum)! Shona xx

    1. Thanks Shona. We always like to do something ourselves. I think that making your own costume is a big part of the fun of dressing up in it!

  2. Well done costumes. They look great! Love the little soldier at the end; so cute.


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