Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Makings - My creative space

 I thought I would share my little creative space tonight.

Beside where I usually sit on the sofa is where I keep my big basket of yarns and crochet WIPs.

I like to keep it nice and organised, with the colours I need for each project bundled together neatly. However, the temptation for a little 12 month old to get his little fingers in there and have a wee rummage about is often too great and sometimes it looks more like this.....

I'm still working my way through my handmade Christmas presents. So far I can tick my granny, my mother in law and my brother's wife off my list. I'm currently working on my mum's and my hubby's sister's presents and still have to make a couple of wee things for the teachers at school. I also have a couple of ideas of little things I would like to make for the younger boys but I'm not getting ahead of myself and might just leave them for another time!

I can't wait to share all the makes once they have been received.

One thing that I can share and that you can see in my basket above is the Snowman wreath I am working on - I like to have more than one thing on the go at a time! You can also see Calum's ripple blanket peeking out of the basket too!

The snowman wreath is based on one from Repeat Crafter Me

It's just a long, straight strip of double crochet (US single) that is then wrapped around a polystyrene wreath and sewn on. The snowman and snowballs are waiting to be sewn onto the bottom. I'm not too pleased with how the bunting looks though and will either make some out of felt or leave it off altogether. I'll decide on that once I have the other parts sewn on.

My snowman also needs a nose but I am loathed to buy a ball of orange wool just for 4 stitches worth of nose so I might leave that off and improvise with something else too!

I'd love to hear what everyone else's creative spaces look like! Do you have a little corner where you can sit and create like I do or are you one of the ones who has a bigger space all to yourself? 


  1. Oh that wreath is so cute! It's a great idea to remember for next year :-)
    I don't have a corner for me and as I'm working on two big bedspreads for my nieces there's wool everywhere! Ella loves to play with the little cut off pieces :-)
    A big basket is a good idea though because now I have wool in all kinds of plastic bags and they are literally everywhere...

  2. One of my favorite things, is to see other peoples "Creative spaces". For some reason it is always an inspiration to me. I love organizing my creative space… and I have had it in many places, because of all the kids coming and going in our lives; changing the living spaces around a bit. Even so, I always enjoy that part. I can see how baby would definitely be attracted to that basket haha. I love the snowman wreath that is adorable. I will have to pin that one. I look forward to seeing all the rest of your "Makings". Have a great week Kirsteen, and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog; it made my day.


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