Thursday, 27 November 2014


At the weekend one of our neighbours asked the boys if they would like their old Go-Cart.

Of course they jumped at the chance!

The older two boys were out at first but the other three had a ball pulling each other around the garden for a couple of hours.

Once the others were back though, Calum (12) was keen to join in the fun so we went for a walk with it. Ally (5) sat on it the whole way, pulled by Calum for a circuit of about a mile and a bit!

Our aim was to find a hill. Steep enough to go down but not too steep to cause any damage to either boy or cart.

They wanted a wee clip of each of them going down the hill and so here they are! I think you can hear Fraser chatting while I carried him in the sling and Ally singing beside me too!

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