Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer, week 2.

Ahhh, summer.
That's ahhh in the blissful sense of the word, and not ahhh as in 'Argh!' the not so blissful sense of it.
It's been two weeks today since our schools stopped for the summer holidays.
Our usual summer holiday destination is to my island home in the Outer Hebrides and this year is no different. We arrived here a few days ago, but this year before we came across to the island we headed away for a few days to Lochinver, a little village about an hour north of where we get the ferry home.
It is a beautiful spot of the country, and one I had never visited before.
We had no wifi and no phone signal and we really didn't care. Even the 14 year old survived without wifi!
Here's a little of what's been happening in the last week, week 2 of the summer holidays.
Well, like so many others, we've really been enjoying the World Cup! Our no wifi, no phone signal holiday house did have a tv with the basic channels on it so we were able to keep up. With Brazil's demise earlier in the week there are no more of our chosen teams left in the tournament but I was pleased with how far my team, France, got.
No, Fraser doesn't sit like this for a whole football match, but he did sit there for a couple of minutes while I got a cute photo of him with his oldest brothers. This was taken before Brazil were knocked out!
Being from the Outer Hebrides I am a bit biased when it comes to beaches. We are spoiled for beautiful white sandy beaches and whenever we go to one elsewhere I always feel it's not quite up to Hebridean standards! However, the beaches around Lochinver do come pretty close.
Around Lochinver are lots of twisty windy roads surrounded by mountains, lochs and glens.
One day we visited a secret tea garden...
....which served some impressive hot chocolates!
After all our exploring of a new area, there was the excitement for the boys of heading across on the ferry to Granny and Shen's.
I'm glad that the boys love the island as much as I do!
I love this time of year when the sky is this light at midnight....
My brother, sister in law and their boys came across the day school stopped and head home tomorrow so our visits overlapped a little. Even though the boys see their cousins all the time as they stay so near us, they were still excited to have a few days at Granny and Shen's with them.
Of course on one of those days we had to head to the beach together!
The boys and their dads all worked together to build an impressive looking sandcastle.
When we noticed the tide coming in they raced to build a channel of water to connect the moats to the sea.


And everyone jumped on for a photo.



When not visiting the beach the boys and their cousins have been playing lots of football at Granny and Shen's.


And the weather has been playing ball enough for us to enjoy a family barbecue on evenings like this...





Tomorrow is local show day, and also forecasting rain, but we don't plan to let that put a dampner on the day! After all, what's a Scottish summer holiday without some rain?


  1. The beach looks so, so nice… it is where I want to be right now. Steve and I are dreaming of Florida; where the girls and families are. Your beaches were just beautiful. Is it cold to swim in the ocean there? The sand castle was marvelous; and how wonderful to have the Dad's working with the boys to build it. That is the funnest for the boys..I think. Lochinver looks beautiful; love the secret tea garden. Eddie is keeping up with the World Cup as well… his favorites had fallen out for the most part… He was rooting for Costa Rica last I talked to him about it, but not sure where they are now. How wonderful that you go visit your family this way every year. Have a lovely
    Love and Blessings,

    1. Pam, yes the water is always cold, although it doesn't take too long to get used to it! The second beach in these photos the water was actually almost lukewarm.

      Is the water warm in Florida seas?


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