Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Makings - with pattern & recipes!

Last week was the last week of school here. As well as attending all the usual end of term events - sports days, assemblies and such - I was also busy making some last minute presents for the teachers and other staff at the school.
For the teachers I crocheted these little flower key chains. I used a pattern for flower embellishments from Attic 24 which you can find here. For some of the flowers I added an extra layer of petals on the back. Then I just sewed on the key chains that I bought at Hobbycraft.


I also think it's good to say thank you to all the other staff who are involved in the successful running of a school - the office staff, the classroom assistants, the janitor - and we are very fortunate that our boys' primary school is a really lovely school!
So I made up a couple of batches of fudge to give out to them.
The first batch is my old favourite that I make up every Christmas, both to use as presents and to have in ready for any visitors who might pop in. I absolutely love this fudge recipe and it's so straightforward to make.
It's Baileys & White Chocolate Fudge and you can find the recipe here.


The second fudge recipe is one I found on Pinterest a while ago and have been looking for an excuse to try out.


It's a Malteser Fudge and you can find the recipe here http://pinterest.com/pin/104497653828850329/


It was a nice enough fudge, but extremely sweet, even for my sweet tooth, so bear that in mind if you plan on making this one. One piece is most definitely enough, which is maybe not a bad thing, but out of the two of them I would always choose the Baileys fudge over this one!


Speaking of which, I think I might rustle up another batch of that today.


Just to have in, of course!

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