Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A couple of firsts for Fraser

Since the first of these firsts is the happiest one then let's start with that one.
At the weekend Fraser cracked sitting up on his own.
He seemed to go from completely unable to do it to managing just fine in no time at all!
He could sit upright in his Bumbo before, as in the photo below, and would be quite happy there for a wee while, but soon he would get fed up of the fact that he couldn't reach his toys on the floor properly and try stretching to get at them. He would then get a little frustrated that he couldn't quite get to them, even though he managed to get himself into some quite unusual positions trying to reach them!
Oh, and those Tunnock's tea cakes weren't his! I can neither deny nor confirm where they went!
Now, though, he can reach everything he wants perfectly.
His favourite thing to do is to sit with his bucket of blocks.
He loves to tip them over and use the tub as a drum!
The boys built this great wee den for him yesterday to shelter him from the sunshine. It was big enough for anyone else who wanted to cool down to pop in and join him! See those blocks again?


Whenever I sit him down, I position his cute little dinosaur cushion behind him, as he does still topple backwards occasionally!


Now, onto the second first.
We received the results of Fraser's allergy tests about 6 weeks ago, and they showed exactly what we had suspected. He has the exact same allergies as Calum (11) and Alasdair (5) - dairy, wheat, egg, nuts and soya.
In one sense I sighed a little when I saw it written down officially. I mean, I know quite a few families with one child with allergies, but three with this many of them and a fourth with a nut allergy?!
But I'm not the kind of person to dwell on that kind of thing. With the exception of his allergies and his eczema, Fraser is the picture of health. He is thriving, meeting his milestones and continues to delight not just me but the whole family. And he charms everyone he meets with his infectious little smile. So what if he has a few allergies? Albeit fairly major ones!
Generally, this is my attitude to all of the boys allergies. We know how to cope with them and we have our ways of avoiding contact with them.
But sometimes you get a little reminder of how careful you need to be.
A few weeks ago I was making Sunday lunch. Our meals are mostly allergy free but I do make non allergy versions of things for those who can have them. Like a nice cheesy sauce for the cauliflower for Sunday lunch. I serve the cauliflower without the sauce and put the sauce in a jug for those who can have it.
That Sunday the boys had been taking it in turns to entertain Fraser while I made the sauce. But he got a little fed up and so, as I often do when I need to get things done, I put on the sling and put Fraser into it while I finished up making the lunch. I had finished making the sauce with the cheese, milk and butter in it anyway.
Only, there must have been some milk or butter on my apron. It is an oilcloth one (a lovely Cath Kidston one) which meant that whatever it was hadn't soaked in but instead was on the surface. When we sat down to eat I noticed that Fraser's leg was very itchy. Then when I looked closer I saw he had broken out in hives. It was only on one leg, the leg that would have been against the apron (the sling carries him slightly to my side so his other leg was more round my back).
You can't see it all that clearly in the photos but it was the first time he has broken out in hives.






A little feed from mama soon distracted him from the itching, and the hives calmed down on their own, but it did highlight to me again how quickly and easily an allergen can cause them to react.


However, going back to my earlier attitude of delighting in the little man, let's not finish on that note but instead how about this photo of the train Calum made for his last week out of one of Alasdair's toy boxes!



And there's those blocks again!

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  1. Poor little guy. It must be so hard keeping all the allergy things sorted out. I know you are used to it, but still. He's a cutie to be sure. Love seeing his progress. He's growing quickly into a little man.

    Your fudge looks delicious in the previous post. I will have to pin them, and keep them for Christmas time; I would love to try out your "Baillys and White" one. They both look yummy. The key chains are adorable.


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