Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sand in our toes (and hair, and bags, and shoes.....)

According to the weather forecasters, today was due to be one of the hottest days of the year. I think I might have even read somewhere that it could be the hottest day in 10 years!


I tend not to pay much attention when I hear the media say such things though, as when they say that the UK is about to experience a heat wave, or whatever else they are talking about, what they actually mean is that the South of England is going to experience it.


It seems that it did turn out very hot down south, but the weather away up here wasn't too shabby either! It was, in fact a perfect summer day. Hot and sunny, with enough of a warm breeze to keep the big flies and the dreaded midgies away.


It was just the right sort of afternoon to spend at one of my favourite beaches - Traigh Mhòr (trai vore) which means Big Beach in Gaelic.


Fraser seems to be really getting a feel for sand now with all these beach trips!






Calum (11) and David (8) always make a bee-line straight for the sea.










I joined them in the water, which was actually quite pleasant once you got over the shock of that initial coldness!















Once I had put my camera away I was jumping over the waves, falling over them, and getting completely soaked along with the boys.
Meanwhile daddy, Fraser and Alasdair were keeping cool.


He just loves that sand!


Of course there had to be a spot of shinty....


....and sandcastle building....



...a little cricket....


...and some sliding down the sand dunes.










  1. Wow! Looks like a fabulous day! Just wonderful!

  2. Such a beautiful Ocean and Beach. It looks like you have the whole beach to yourselves. It is wonderful. I can imagine that the baby must just love putting his feet and legs and hands into that sand.


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