Monday, 16 June 2014

Weekend Happenings.

This weekend James (14) went away for two nights to Army Cadet camp. It was his third weekend camp with the cadets since he joined them last August. He has enjoyed all of the camps but this one was the best yet he said.

He looks so much older once he puts his uniform on and, in my rather biased opinion, extremely handsome. Although he'd be extremely embarrassed to read that!
Being at camp meant that he missed the annual Boys' Brigade prize giving which took place on Friday evening.
David (8) and Calum (11) are showing off their prizes and badges here. David's squad won the 'best squad' and Calum won the 'most points in the company' trophy.
And of course they look just as handsome as their oldest brother in their uniforms!
I love to come across photos that the boys have taken of each other on either the iPad or my phone. These ones of Ally and Fraser were taken at some point over the weekend. I think Calum was the photographer.
On Sunday mornings we always have pancakes for breakfast. I think even the little routines like this are so important in family life.
I like mine piled high with berries at this time of year. In the winter, when fresh berries are out of season, then we have them with sliced bananas.
In other food happenings this weekend, I saw an ice cream maker on special offer and so treated us to one. The first ice cream I tried out in it was this dairy and egg free mint choc chip one. We had it with some of my trusty Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake as part of our Father's Day dinner. Roast pork, apple sauce, roast potatoes and cauliflower with cheese sauce (for those allowed the sauce) was our main course. If you're asking!
The ice cream was a success and I promise to share the recipe soon. That makes two recipes I've now promised to share in the last few days!
Once the biggest boy was home from camp he was far more interested in catching up with his youngest brothers than anything else. I don't take his helpfulness with them for granted, he is missed by them all when he is away.
One more photo I found on my phone from the weekend. This time it was David's turn for cuddles with Fraser.
And that was, mostly, our weekend. Not nearly as hectic as last weekend, or the one ahead of us either!


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