Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Loom Band Tutorial

If you have children of primary school age then I'm pretty sure that this latest craze will not have passed you by.

Your house will be full of small elastic bands, in varying shades of colours - bright ones, pastel ones, sparkly ones and maybe even some scented ones too.

Our boys, their cousins and all their friends know them as Loom Bands but I think across in the States, where the craze first began, they are known as Rainbow Looms.

In our house it's Calum (11) and David (8) who are gripped by their new hobby. They have found various tutorials on YouTube for different designs and I have even made up a Pinterest Board just for loom band patterns for them!

Part of the fun of making the bracelets is choosing a suitable colour or theme for a specific person and then giving that person the bracelets. It's a sharing and giving kind of a hobby.

I always get given the bands they make with the purple or pink bands from the packs. After all, they couldn't be seen giving them to a GIRL!

Both boys have been making bands in the colours of the teams they have chosen to support in the world cup (more about that tomorrow). One of the men at church is English and Calum loves to talk football with him, so he made up this band based on the English flag for him. I think it looks great!

One thing we have noticed with the YouTube tutorials is that they are all American. No offense to my American friends but Calum felt that there should really be a few Scottish tutorials out there too!

So, here he is giving his very first tutorial about how to make a design that he made up himself. He was a bit stuck for a name for it so since it is based on groups of three he has called it a Treble Triple band.

Spurred on by his wanting to share tutorials, as well as his photos and some of his favourite recipes, Calum launched his own blog this week too. I've already sent some people over his way via the housefulofboys Facebook page but if you haven't visited him yet he would love to hear from you!

His blog is called Calum's Ceilidh and you can find it here. Ceilidh (Kay-lee) is the Gaelic word for a visit or a get together and so he thought it would be a good name since it's his little online place for getting together with folk and for people to come and visit him.

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