Friday, 24 May 2013

Things I'm loving...

Is it just in the UK or do Coca Cola have their 'share a coke with a friend' campaign anywhere else just now?


They have 100 of the most popular names in the UK on their bottles and you can check on their website whether your name is there. Mine isn't, but I didn't really expect it to be!


It's quite a clever marketing ploy because we would never normally buy Coca Cola but when the boys found their names we bought the bottle!

There isn't a David but Dave is close enough!


And they have the wrong spelling of Calum too but I was actually surprised that they had it at all.


There is no Alasdair though. Or a Kirsteen. I guess we are just a bit more unique :0)



It has been a better week weather wise this week. Definitely more spring like, although still not as warm as we would like for this time in May.


Still, it was nice to get some sunshine.


I grabbed 10 minutes peace to eat one of my hidden supply of Magnum Ice Lollies, then after taking the photo noticed the tell tale signs of boys in the background. How many can you spot?!

Finally, last weekend we watched the newest of the Herbie movies. James and Calum had seen it before but David and Alasdair hadn't. After watching it, Calum dug out his old Herbie car that he had been given for his birthday around the time that film was released and gave it to Alasdair.
Alasdair absolutely loved the film and has been playing with Herbie all week. He loves him so much that he has even been taking him to bed with him!


Tonight we watched the original Herbie movie, 'The Love Bug', which everyone loved even more. David seemed surprised when I told him that it had been filmed before I was even born!


Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. What a great week of Loves. We've had the Coke name thing here, they've moved onto the Year now. And we love Herbie (or any punch buggy for that matter) here too - that is one COOL oversize car you have there!

  2. Yes, Coke did the same thing in Australia, and my non-coke drinking family bought all our names with much excitement. Excellent marketing, Coke people!

    Love the Magnum ice creams. So nice. And those handcuffs? Unusual!


  3. Hi Kirsteen, How are you feeling? I have been on vacation and I just been getting caught up on everything. May you have a wonderful summer and enjoy your ice cream :)
    Blessings, Roxy

  4. I haven't seen the Coke thing here yet.. but I'll have to keep my eyes open. I love the picture of you with the ice cream bar... too cute; yes the background odds and ends tell a story....and I get quite a chuckle from the handcuffs, shoes, and little plant, which just says " boys" loud and clear to me. We have always loved the Herbie Movies which came out when I was a kid (you can tell the boys that's how "old" they are. I always liked the "Herbie goes Bananas" one. Oh, thinking of"The Love Bug", Steve and I were able to see Dean Jones (the main star in most of those movies) in a play years ago called St. John. About the apostle John on the Island of Patmos. It was a one man play, but very good. I have always remembered that and liked him so much over the years because of that play. I have since seen that there was a video of it.. never saw it that way though. Well, that was just a side note. Have a great week Kirsteen.


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