Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hebrides TV Series

The boys have started counting down the weeks until we go home to my parents' house in the Outer Hebrides for a few weeks in the summer holidays.



I know I've shared lots of photos on here of how beautiful our Hebridean islands are but here is one better.

We have just finished watching a series of documentaries about the wildlife on the Hebrides. The scenery is amazing and we all especially loved the third episode in the series as it was all about the Outer Hebrides. Lots of arial shots of those beautiful white beaches.


You can watch the third episode here. I hope it works for those not in the UK!


It might give you a glimpse of why we love going home to the island so much. That and seeing family as well, of course!



  1. Wonderful, Kirsteen! We will have to look at the video! Sarah has just about wrapped up her planning and reserving etc...for her trip there! She is looking forward to meeting you face to face!(....though that is a ways off, she is leaving in just under 2 weeks!....when she sees you it will be near the end of her vacation!)

  2. It is so beautiful! Sunshine... :) I'm Sarah's younger sister (and one of the daughters of Keri On). I was really sad I couldn't meet you on Saturday - we'll have to have another skyping session.

  3. I could never tire of your pictures of your gorgeous islands Kirsteen. It is magnificent! I am immensely enjoying catching up on your blog! I loved the way you announced your exciting news about your pregnancy! I couldn't drink tea or coffee when I was expecting either :)

    The boys look like they have grown so much! They are just precious. I am very glad you are out enjoying your gorgeous weather. :) We have just about hit our hot season now.

  4. O, bother! Sorry Kirsteen, my hair is red but my brain is blond. Sarah had a skype session with Anne and I momentarily got you two confused. :) I would still love to meet you, though!

  5. The beach looks beautiful. Is it warm enough to swim in there? When I get on the beach I sometimes think I could just sit there forever and never move; just listening to the waves, and the feeling the moist air, and smelling the salt water and feeling the sand in my fingers and toes. Its wonderful I can imagine what fun you have visiting your parents and enjoying it all together. I look forward to watching the series this evening. Have a great trip.


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