Friday, 11 January 2013

Things I'm loving

First things I'm loving post of 2013 and its rather a random assortment of things!

Firstly, one day in the holidays when we had nothing else planned, David (7) gathered up some empty milk and juice cartons from the recycling bin and set up a target range. Then all that was left to do was choose the perfect weapon.....




Another day, David and Calum enjoyed a rather muddy cycle ride with daddy.


I love this beautiful vintage crystal bowl that I got from my aunt for Christmas.



Loving the teamwork that went on with a model building day.


This was what we started off with.

These two were the most dedicated builders and painters.

This is our finished model, although we still need to add a bit more mud effect to the Land Rover.

James was loving even more model building with his new Lego Technic set, a very cool rescue helicopter, complete with working winch, rotors and other bits and pieces.

Lastly, loving these photos that I just found on the ipad. James had asked me to stand with a hand out for a photo. Then he added the funny effects!

Even one of his cousins was Christmas-ised!

Have a great weekend!



  1. haha those ipad effects are cool :)

  2. Clever iPad effects indeed. Loving your patient model builders too. What a great finished model it was!

  3. Love the finished model, and those iPad pics are brilliant!

  4. I just love the way that model turned out. Good job boys! My oldest son loves the models too, in fact he has one he's working on now. Hopefully he stays patient with it long enough to complete it. Love the iPad pictures, what a neat little gadget!
    I enjoy getting a glimpse into your world, thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Lovely to have found your blog and to see your boys model making. I'm looking forward to the day my boys start playing with lego. Have a great week. Elaina

  6. How fun! And I love the model set! Too cute! My hubby and I like Wallace and Gromit. LOL - R


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