Thursday, 10 January 2013

A few answers....

Remember back in November when I said how excited I was about the present we had bought my husband for Christmas? Only I couldn't share what it was as he reads my blog!

Well, I'd been thinking of getting him one for a while but the price always stopped me, so when I saw it come up half price in the Amazon Black Friday deals I swooped at it!

He's a coffee lover and I'm a tea drinker, and so I had often thought that if he had one of these he could make himself a wee cup of coffee when he wanted to rather than a whole pot.

It's a Tassimo machine.

What I didn't know when I bought it though, was that it makes the most perfect hot chocolate! 

It's so simple to use that James will often come through to me and ask, 'Mum, would you like a hot chocolate?' 

In actual fact, the hot chocolate is so much loved by James and David (and I suppose I should include myself here too), that I have almost had to start rationing how many a person can have each day!

Oh, and my husband loves it too! He has quite the assortment of different coffee discs in at the moment until he samples them all and decides on a favourite. Carte Noir is proving to be a tough contender to beat.

Moving on.

Another thing you might remember from November is this drawing by Calum.

He entered it into a Christmas Card competition run by a business near the school. 

Well, he didn't win, but he was a runner up - yay! His prize was a pretty decent amount of money to spend in an independent Art Shop.

That Art Shop just so happens to be right next door to the place of my final answer - Greyfriars Kirk.

Wasn't that rather cleverly done!?

This lovely old church was where the Primary school Carol Service was held and the other day I asked if anyone knew why it was famous.

If you were to ask most people they would probably say because of this little fellow, Greyfriars Bobby.

The story goes that he was so devoted to his owner that when the owner died, the little dog then spent the rest of his own life sitting on his owners grave. Sceptics suggest that the little dog only did so because a butcher from beside the Kirk Graveyard fed him sausages, but I would rather believe the first story.

I'm pretty sure I remember watching a movie about it not all that long ago (so I'm talking maybe 10 years or so here). I also remember being so annoyed watching it as the actors in it had really badly acted Scottish accents! Thankfully the film industry has got a bit better recently and at least uses Scottish actors in Scottish films, ie Brave.

The other reason the Kirk is famous is that during the time of the Covenanters many of them were imprisoned in the graveyard. For those who don't know, the Covenanters were those who stood against the attempts by the King in the 1600s to bring Anglicanism into the Scottish Presbyterian Churches. (I see a whole other history lesson coming from this!)

A tomb in the church graveyard is also said to have given J K Rowling the name of one of her characters, although I can't remember what the name was. It was Lord Voldemort before he became Lord Voldemort, if that means anything to anyone!

Right, I think that is all the cliffhangers completed!


  1. Hello, I think your new gift for hubby was a real winner! Hope your all well, this has already been a long winter, with no snow!
    Happy New Year!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. I liked the history lesson! You made it quite interesting! And I also appreciated the photos. Your new coffee/tea/hot chocolate machine sounds fabulous! How fun! Have a lovely weekend! - R


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