Tuesday, 22 January 2013

There's a teenager in the house!

Last week our oldest son, James, turned 13.


He was so excited about becoming an 'official' teenager.

For his birthday he invited his cousin Finlay over. They spent the afternoon building and painting models.

His choice of birthday dinner was homemade steak pie, his choice for the last few years! (The recipe is in the non allergy recipe tab at the top.)

When we were doing the food shopping I asked him if it was a homemade steak pie or a shop bought one he would prefer - he's a fan of both. He replied, 'I'd rather your homemade one, but if you want a break I don't mind a shop bought one.' I think that sums him up really!


Cake was a triple layered gluten & dairy free chocolate cake. (The recipe for this is also above - Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, under the wheat & dairy free recipes tab. I doubled the mix though, since I wanted a triple layer)




The most fun part of his birthday, according to James?

The fresh snowfall and the fun in the snow that resulted from it!







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  1. Happy Birthday and Congratulations to James. I am so glad you have your steak pie recipe handy. It looks really good. I always feel hungry at the mention of a Scottish or English Steak pie. James is a sweet boy; I love his answer to you about his dinner preference. The cake looks beautiful. Are those malted milk balls decorating it? Sparklers are a great idea.
    Have a great week end Kirsteen.
    Love and Blessings,


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