Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Given that a large number of my 'Make-it Monday' posts didn't actually appear on a Monday, I thought that the New Year was a good time to 're-brand'.

I haven't got round to making up a picture to go with it yet, perhaps that can be next week's Making, but I do hope that other crafty types will continue to join in and share their makes once it's up and running!

Here are a few of my holiday makes.

~ I made these Soy Wax Tea Cup Candles for the boys teachers and for a few other Christmas presents too.

~ Right through December I made batch after batch of this yummy stuff. Most of it was for our own eating, and James has requested a final batch for his birthday at the weekend, but some of it was for presents too.

~ A few of the males in my family received some cufflinks I had made as Christmas presents. These were for my youngest brother, Alasdair.

~ A jar of the Peppermint Bark went to the office staff at the Primary School.

~These were to compensate for the fact that Calum & Alasdair couldn't eat the Peppermint Bark. I made some chocolate cupcakes, added some peppermint flavoured frosting and topped with crushed candy canes. They were a hit!

~ Another foodie make. This was how I made our Christmas Dinner leftovers super yummy. Two packs of croissant dough arranged on my pizza stone and filled with leftover bread sauce, cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey. 

~ And finally, one of my current crochet projects. I must say, after all those makings for others (there are others not shown here) it is nice to be doing something for my self! This is my infinity scarf, made with a lovely soft bamboo yarn. 

I took this photo in the waiting room at the orthodontist today while James had his braces tightened. I always have a crochet project stuffed in my bag and a selection of cars or trains to keep Alasdair happy!


  1. I love that teacup candle, marvelous! The ring looks so yummy!

  2. Teacup candles! Yippee, I would like to make some for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Have tried a few charity shops for random cups/saucers but they tend to be sold as entire sets. Can I ask, how did you source yours? Thanks, Arlene

    1. Mine were from a charity shop, Arlene. I got them as a set because I knew I was making a few of them but they only cost £5 for all of them. I also used the milk jug and sugar bowl as candles. Charity shops are probably your best place because places like eBay are more expensive for vintage china since it's so popular now.

    2. Thanks Kirsteen - will keep looking and extend my knowledge of the city's charity shops!!

  3. I love all your makings, your Christmas left overs look so moorish! Peppermint bark is a favourite in our house too :-)

  4. Awww I also love the teacup candles! What a pretty idea! You're always so craft-ful and doing so much. I have no clue how you manage to keep up with all of your little boys and all of your artsy projects! But I'm impressed! ;-) - R


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