Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Makings - Attic 24 Cosy CAL Blanket Ta-Da!

Let's go back to the beginning of this blanket again, shall we?


Just so I can document its growth from the start.


First of all rewind back to Christmas and the present from my shopping-hating sister in law. For those who may have missed an earlier post, each year she asks for links of what we would like for Christmas. Since I couldn't think of anything I wanted other than yarn, I sent her the link to the yarn pack for the Attic 24 Cosy blanket from Wool Warehouse, which you can find here.


Once all the Christmas festivities were over I made a start on the blanket in the first week of January.


The pattern, complete with picture tutorials, can be found here on Lucy's Attic 24 blog. It's called the Cosy CAL blanket as back in the autumn Lucy had a crochet along to make it.


It is such a straightforward pattern that it didn't take long to get into the rhythm of each row.


And was even manageable with a sleeping baby in arms.


There are 16 different colours in the blanket and the completed blanket has 6 repeats of each colour, although not in the same order each time.
This was after about one and a half repeats.




The colours, as I've said so often when I've shared a picture of this blanket, are so bright and cheerful. The perfect sort of thing to be working on in the darkest, greyest months of the year.


A few more colour repeats in...




Right from the start it has been attracting little boys to climb over it or roll around wrapped up in it.


Of course, crochet hooks and balls of yarn are also tempting to play with!


Over the course of three months the blanket grew and grew.


Then when we were away on our Easter holidays I completed the main part of it.


Isn't it big?!


And even more appealing to little boys!


Next job was sewing in all those ends.
Some people like to do them as they go along but I like the satisfaction of seeing them all sewn in at the same time.


Look at those happy colours!




Once the ends were dealt with it was time to add the border.


I followed the colour order from the Attic 24 CAL posts exactly for the blanket, but I wasn't so keen on the four colours used for the border of that one. There was nothing wrong with the colours themselves, just that the final round gives a strong feeling to the blanket and the final round on the tutorial was green. Green isn't one of my favourite colours and so I finished my border off with a round of blue.


I love those spiky little stitches round the edge.


Here's another look at those happy colours...


...and for another sense of scale, here is the blanket laid out on our king sized bed.


It's such a generous size and the yarn is so soft and snuggly. Stylecraft Special is definitely my new favourite yarn to work with. I already have my next two projects on the go, both using Stylecraft. One of them is using up the scraps of colour left over from this blanket, the other is something I've been wanting to make for a while and that I promised myself I would make once this blanket was made.
But this post is all about the blanket, which now lives across the back of one of our sofas, and is big enough for quite a few people to snuggle under of an evening watching a movie, or reading a book or just snuggling up under on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
And if you thought the blanket was beautiful on its own, now add a sleeping baby to the picture and it takes on a whole new beauty!




  1. Looks fantastic, well done. Xxx

  2. It is just beautiful. And yes, it looks so snuggly too.

  3. Well done. What a super mum and what a great job 💕☺


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