Monday, 11 May 2015

Make it Monday - Using up the stash

I mentioned last week that I have a couple of new crochet projects on the go.


When I finished the big stripey blanket I had little bits of each of the 16 colours leftover and I decided I would try and use them up.


First of all I thought about making granny squares out of a random order of the colours but that idea didn't really grab me. Then I remembered my old favourite, the Maybelle Flower Square (pattern here). I decided I would make the flowers out of each of the colours and frame them all in a neutral colour.









I'm really pleased with how the first few are looking.


I have no idea how big this blanket will be as I'm restricting myself to only using the colours left over from the stripey blanket, plus the new neutral one. I haven't made the flowers out of all the colours yet, and the ones I have made here haven't used up all of those colours yet either so I'm just going to see how it goes!



My second project is one I've been desperate to start for a while and one I promised myself that I would start once my stripey blanket was done. You can read all about the Nordic Shawl here, as well as buy the pattern.
This is how much I have made so far, using the same neutral shade - Stylecraft Special DK in Parchment - that I am using for the flower squares.



It's looking quite plain at the moment but look how pretty it is once the colours are added!



I think it will be the perfect shawl for a Scottish summer!



  1. That looks so sweet... I wish I had a little more time to crochet and somebody local to show me some tricks :)

  2. It will make a beautiful shawl. I love your stash. Such pretty colors. I like the beige with the colors. I have a stash around here somewhere, and I can't find it; I am wanting to make a couple of little girl blankets from it… but it might have to wait. Have a great week Kirsteen.


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