Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Burns Night 2015

My husband's sister has hosted a Burns Supper every year for more than a decade now.
The format hasn't changed over the years. A haggis dinner is provided by my sister in law and the guests bring along puddings. Once the food is over there is usually a Scottish quiz and then after this it's time for the music - a few solos if anyone is feeling brave enough and then communal singing and playing of Scottish folk songs.
It's a chance for us to dig out our kilts.
James (15) was going to wear his dad's kilt but decided at the last minute that it was still a bit too big.
Fraser wore a kilt for the first time.
His one is actually the one that my youngest brother wore to our wedding! He was only 18 months old when we got married.
You should know by now that Calum (12) always has to take a few selfies of us when we are doing something special!
Our boys love haggis!
The pudding table is always impressive.
I made another of my chocolate finger and M&Ms cakes to bring along.


The Scottish Quiz required us to name these famous Scots. How many can you get?
Look who was on the winning team!
James has been looking at Scottish music in music at school just now and has just finished doing a group performance of a Jig, where he played the piano. He used Calum's accordion to play it at the Supper and was accompanied by dad on the guitar.
Then it was over to Calum (and dad on the guitar again) to accompany the singing of folk songs.
And at the very end, Alasdair (5) wanted to show everyone his violin that he is going to start learning.


Calum started learning it when he was about 8 before switching to accordion, so it's still a bit on the big side for Alasdair (I think it's 3/4 size but can't actually remember!) but he's determined he wants to learn it.


Maybe next year he will be playing a tune for everyone too.


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  1. Fraser looks adorable in his kilt… and Alasdair with the violin. They are all so cute, and I enjoy all of their "doings" I've never had Haggis. I will like trying it some time. Thanks for the Facebook invite to the Scottish Hymns live stream. I didn't get a chance to watch, but loved the invitation. Sounds like you all have a fun evening.


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