Thursday, 12 February 2015

Visiting Edinburgh Zoo


Every time I went to blog this week I found a boy doing homework on the computer!


My blogging is usually done late at night when the boys are in bed, well the younger ones anyway, but with a teenager in the house who keeps late hours when assignments are due that hasn't been possible so far this week!


I think his work is all done now, but he's at Army cadets just now anyway so before it gets too far past the event I have jumped online to share our photos of a lovely trip to the Zoo we had at the weekend.


We went with the charity Eczema Outreach Scotland, who I have written about before. They organise events for families of children with eczema, where children and parents can meet others in the same situation and are able to support and learn from each other. They released the details of the Zoo trip before Christmas and we jumped at the chance of signing up. For the both the chance of a visit to the zoo as well as for the workshops they had planned.


Ally (5) was counting down the days for about 2 weeks running up to the day. Every morning he would ask how many more beds it was until we were going to the zoo. His excitement was mounting as the day grew closer!


The other boys were also looking forward to the trip, especially Calum (12) who is a huge animal lover - as we were walking round the zoo he said how it was one of his dreams to get one of those 'Zoo keeper for a day' experiences.


Once everyone had met up at the zoo, the children were put into groups and taken to see around the zoo by some volunteers. Each group was of five children so our boys made up a group of their own! While they were seeing all the animals the parents watched a presentation by a dermatologist which was followed by the chance for questions and discussion. Then a couple of dermatology nurses showed us a selection of creams and pastes.


By the time this was finished the children had returned and we all had lunch together.


They had been away for two hours and although I knew Fraser (1) would be fine with James (15) I didn't expect him to last the full two hours without James having to bring him back to me but I was wrong! He loved being shown all the animals by his brothers.


After lunch there was an art workshop for the children. They were asked to paint their favourite dream on a pillowcase. Calum, Ally and David (9) all did paintings but chose to do what their favourite dream would be rather than one that they have had.


Ally chose to draw superheroes - Ally's Avengers.


Calum drew a Landrover, some sheep and a collie dog in the countryside.


David drew a shinty match.


We were finished all of this before 1pm and so had the rest of the afternoon to see more of the zoo.


A couple of highlights of the afternoon were the high ropes walk that Calum and David did...







...and of course the penguin parade!


Rather than post the rest of my photos here I've made another Flipagram of them below.


It was such a fun day for everyone. Despite dealing with eczema in children for 15 years now I still enjoyed the talk from the dermatologist and meeting the nurses. If you have children with eczema and haven't already joined up with Eczema Outreach then I highly recommend it. The days out are fun but the support and advice are even better.


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  1. I still love a day at the zoo, and always jump at the chance to go. The pillow cases are a wonderful idea, and they came out so cute.


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