Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Makings - Woodwork Projects & Blanket Update

Over to some of the boys for a few makes tonight.


Firstly, Calum (12) and his first completed project from woodwork at school.


In first year at high school they have to design their own spatula, thinking through what it will be used for before sketching it out and then making it.

Calum loves his pancakes and wanted to make a spatula that we could use when making them. He designed the front to be quite thin and also quite wide as well, so as to fit a pancake on it!


He engraved 'The Murray Spatula #2' on it as James' one that he made a couple of years ago was the first one.
That's he two of them below.


James (15) also brought home his latest woodwork project this week.
He has been designing and making a little side table, which he wanted to convey his love of comic books.


I think he certainly achieves that!
The colour on the top is much brighter than it looks in these evening light photos, and I love the retro comic feel of it.


He's done a really great job of the woodwork as well as the decor. It's the perfect size to sit beside where dad sits on the sofa so that he can put his coffee on it when he sits down in the evening.
James makes sure that dad has a coaster though so that he doesn't mess up that paint job!


Ally (5) has also been creating this week, this is his drawing of me and Fraser on the front of the Valentines card he made this week.


Finally, a wee update on my Cosy blanket.
This week I've just passed the half way point.


Here it is alongside a cute five year old for an idea of the size.



And since the colours weren't showing up as bright in the dull evening light, here is a closer shot, complete with a cute one year old making a bee line for the crochet hook!


Got it!


I'm still loving working on this blanket as much as when I started it and it now has the added bonus of being big enough to keep me warm as I work on it!


  1. Everything looks really good, James' table looks very professional and Calum's spatula is very practical! As for Ally 'beag's' drawing it is very cute. What can I say about the models in the photos with the blanket except reeeaaallly cute.... if I show Granny the photo of the blanket I'm sure she'll be after one for herself!!!

  2. Wow! Those woodworkers are phenomenal! Beautiful job on your blanket as well! The colors are lovely!
    The drawing is precious!

  3. Love your boys makes, very clever.
    Your blanket is looking lovely.
    Sarah x


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