Monday, 4 November 2013

Three favourite snaps of a week

There hasn't been much to blog about in the last week, other than lots of photos of sweet little Fraser!


My days (and nights) consist mostly of feeding, feeding and a bit more feeding! Fraser still feeds every two hours or less but he seems to be thriving on it. The health visitor was amazed when she weighed him last week and discovered he had put on a pound in less than a week. I guess my superpower just now is making milk!


Out of all the photos taken in the last week, these are three of my favourites.


I finally got round to getting a photo of all five boys together, and it didn't take too many shots to get a good one either.


Fraser has been really alert from his very first days. We love to watch his little eyes take in the world around him.


And what is more precious than enjoying all those newborn cuddles?




  1. Oh these pics are so cute :) You look like such a sweet mommy.
    I love Fraser's little sweater!!

  2. Good Morning, I must say you look blessed and happy as a clam :)
    I would just love to hold him...
    All the boys look so handsome!
    Blessings and a BIG Hug! Roxy

  3. Hello there!
    Those pictures are just priceless! Fraser fits right in there with those handsome boys.
    Take Care.

  4. Oh goodness Kirsteen, what precious pictures. Fraser is adorable. I can see that his eyes are very alert. I have no doubt you are definitely using your "Superpowers" to feed him. I remember those days of feeling like a milk machine haha. But what joy you all have, I am just eating up the picture of the 5 boys. I can imagine that you and your hubby are "busting you buttons" (our expression of how very blessed and proud we feel of our children)
    Love reading the updates, it puts me there in your world and I enjoy that. Have a wonderful week end.
    Love and blessings,


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