Monday, 11 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday

Each year the boys who are old enough usually take part in the Remembrance Sunday parade with their Boys' Brigade company.


This year our loyalties were tied as James was to take part in a different parade now that he has also joined the Army Cadets.


Originally we had thought that we would all go to watch James' parade, as it is the main one in the town, but the Boys' Brigade leader offered to give Calum and David a lift home from their parade as she was keen for as many as possible to attend their one, leaving us free to watch James in his first Army parade.


I didn't get a great photo of them all before we left, as we were rushing out of the door when I remembered to take one. Once we got home they were out of their uniforms before I had the chance to get another one!


James' parade took place at the town's Civic Centre. When we arrived, the combined school's pipe band were playing and James was one of the cadets handing out poppies and programmes and looking after the veterans. He is one of the cadets on the far left of this photo.
The rest of the cadets were in the parade along with more veterans as well as the air cadets.


It was a beautiful bright morning but also the coldest, frostiest morning of the autumn so far as well. We were well wrapped up, which was just as well as we were standing in the cold for an hour and a half! My toes were a little numb by the time all the poppy wreaths below were laid down!


As for Fraser, well, he was snug as a bug in his little snow suit, hat and a couple of blankets and managed to sleep through the whole thing - bagpipes and brass band and everything!


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  1. Looks like a great event! And Fraser w/ his colorful blanket! :) Just wonderful!


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