Monday, 25 November 2013

Weekend Busyness

We are kind of getting into a routine here now.


Fraser is 5 weeks old today and growing so fast!


He still looks for a feed every 2 hours or so which is probably why! Still, it gives me an excuse to indulge in a few extra calories each day, and I am so enjoying being able to eat chocolate again after 9 months of hardly being able to look at it.
And feeding a hungry baby meant that it only took two weeks after he was born before my skinny jeans fitted again.
Moving on from the smallest boy to the biggest boy though.
James attended his first Army Cadet camp this weekend. He was only away for two nights and came home absolutely exhausted but he loved it. He also passed his first test to earn his first ranking and so was really pleased.
He wasn't the only boy who was busy though. Calum & David went on their first Aunty Anna hillwalk. My husband's sister is an avid hillwalker, usually spending most Saturdays up a hill somewhere. She is also a great photographer. Just look at the photo she took of the two boys at the summit of the hill!
I'm sure it could be used as an advert for the Scottish Tourist Board. Who wouldn't want to come to Scotland after seeing that view?!
Oh look, another photo of Fraser :)
Since it was just me and the youngest two boys at home on Saturday (daddy was at a conference), Alasdair was a little bit lost without his big buddies and so once Fraser went for a wee snooze we made some Christmas biscuits together.
We didn't just make Christmas shapes though. We made one big biscuit especially for Alasdair - Mickey Mouse, who he enjoyed for supper on Saturday evening!


Oh OK, one more photo of Fraser. To make up for the two weeks without a blogpost :)



  1. He's growing so fast!! I love your boys' stories :)
    Jeff kinda wanted a boy but he'll have to do it with our baby girl haha ;)

  2. Oh Kirsteen! What a cutie. He's so like his brothers. Every blessing to you all. xxx


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