Friday, 2 August 2013

Things I'm Loving....


There's a couple of weeks' worth of photos I want to share as this week's Thing's I'm Loving!

We have been back home from our holiday at my mum and dad's for over a week now but the first half of the photos are from the last week of our stay there - since they didn't upload properly until now.

Well, you know we made the most of having those beaches on our doorstep!?

This was one of our last afternoons at the beach.

No matter how warm the weather is, that sea is awfully cold! It doesn't take long to acclimatise to it but those first steps in are a bit of a shock! 

It's not long though before everyone is enjoying running in and out of the sea.

Alasdair enjoys making sand cement...

...but then everyone decided to take it a step further and build a river to the sea.

Just practising his surfing moves...

After a while dad decided that a game of water rugby would be fun. Although, it didn't involve him going into the water!

We also enjoyed a few barbecues in our last week, complete with official photographer.

And ticked 'Toasting Marshmallows' off our list of summer things to do.

There was more fun in the garden......

...chasing Roscoe!


Onto this week.

After the jam making last week, I just had to make a batch of homemade scones to compliment the jam. A touch of clotted cream finished them off very nicely!

These two boys got new onesies. Calum loves his Monsters one but the weather is a bit hot for it just now. He puts it on after his bath, wears it until bedtime and then takes it off! I'm sure it will be all too soon that the weather will turn and cosy onesies will be the order of the day again.

Our biggest boy is away at camp this week so there have been a couple of treats for the other boys. 

Firstly, we finally got to go and see this movie. It was so, so funny!

And secondly, we took a wee train trip west to Glasgow where we met my in-laws for lunch.

The highlight for the boys wasn't seeing Granny & Grandad though, much as they enjoyed that, but hunting down Scotland's only LEGO shop!

We spent so long in there!

The boys finally decided what to spend the rest of their summer holiday money on.

On our way back to the train station I discovered my dream shop, Cath Kidston. I imagine that the way I felt going round that shop is exactly how the boys felt going round the LEGO shop! So many pretty things for the house, fabrics, clothes, more things for the house....

I must say that I was the perfect model of self restraint and didn't buy a thing! It is, however, my birthday in about 6 weeks and I got lots of ideas :-)

Once home again there was a hive of LEGO building activity.

And that's it! All caught up!

We are all looking forward to James coming home from camp tomorrow. His little buddy has especially missed him and is eager to show him his plaster cast. I have my washing up to date and the machine empty, ready for him to throw the contents of his rucksack straight in!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hello Kirsteen,
    Loved seeing all the pictures of the boys! How are you doing? I pinned the fabric picture on pintrest! It has been so hot here, but praise God we have gotten a little rain.
    I have invited some friends over for dinner. I so enjoyed the beach when we went to Florida this last Spring. Well take care friend!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. I love seeing the update of your trip. The beach, the Lego Shop and the Cath Kidston fabric store are perfect. I think I could truly count them as something on my own list of happy things. Even the lego shop is to me a fun adventure. What a great vacation you all had. Steve and I went to see Despicable me II when we were in Denver (Eddie wasn't even with us)... we wanted to see a movie, and it was the only decent one to see... we loved it. It was so cute.


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