Monday, 5 August 2013

Make it Monday - Rescue Helicopter!

Calum was reading my post last week about their LEGO purchases and when he came to this picture of himself and David building their new sets he asked if I had taken a photo of the completed sets to share.

Well I hadn't, but I told him I would take one to share this week instead.
He was then very keen that I point out that it didn't taken them four days to build their new sets! They were both completed on the day that they started them.
Now that's cleared up, here is Calum's new helicopter, complete with winch man. It also came with a little catamaran whose sailer needs rescuing from the shark (also included!)
And here is the helicopter in its new home on one of our LEGO shelves.


He wasn't just building LEGO this weekend though.
Calum asked on Saturday morning if he could bake cupcakes and ice them himself. Of course I agreed, but I asked him to make a double batch as I knew Alasdair would want to ice some as well.



Look at how neatly Calum piped those swirls of icing onto his cakes!


Don't worry, some of Alasdair's icing did make it onto his cakes too and not just into his mouth!


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  1. Those lego helicopters are admirable. Calum did a great job on the cupcakes. I can't seem to pipe cupcake like that. I like seeing it done though.


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