Monday, 19 August 2013

Cast Free!

I can't quite believe it's been three weeks since the little man fractured his wrist but three weeks were up at the weekend and so he was able to get his cast off.


He didn't let anyone sign his cast except for his big buddy James. What did he ask James to draw on it? Why, Captain America's shield of course!



Boy did that cast get filthy after three weeks of constant playing outdoors!
I was curious to see how his skin had faired under the cast for those three weeks. After all, at least that wrist hadn't been scratched in that time and wouldn't have the usual broken eczema on it that his wrists usually do.
Well, three weeks without moisturising certainly took it's toll!


The night he got the cast off it felt like he was making up for three weeks of not being able to scratch that arm, waking up far more than usual throughout the night!


After lots of intensive moisturising his arm looks just like the other, and yes, there are a couple of broken patches of skin on his wrist again, but the bone has healed completely and he is using his arm just as before so for that we are thankful!



  1. Yay I am glad little Alasdair is better. That must have been hard for him having it on. He does look so cute with the little cast. My boys are all concerned seeing his picture.

  2. OH my poor wee Ali - how itchy that must've been inside the cast. Glad he's better though.


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