Saturday, 3 November 2012

Things I'm loving...

It's quite a random selection of things I'm loving this week!

Firstly, now that the dark nights are well and truly here I was able to try out this fun bath idea that I saw on Meghan's blog back in the summer. Of course when she shared it, they were in the middle of winter and we were in the middle of summer, and it was light here until about 11pm! It was such a cool idea though that I knew we would have to try it out when the season was right.

Basically you float a bunch of glow sticks in the bath and turn out the lights. The bath gives off a magical glow and makes a super exciting bath-time. There is enough light from the sticks to light the bath area but in the photos I took it looks a lot darker, but still pretty cool!

Theses actually look a bit like Olympic Rings here!

As well as the darker nights being here to stay, so is the colder weather.

That gives us the perfect excuse to warm up after the school run with some hot chocolate and cake!

I'm loving that the panda suit I made last year for the little man still fits him, and that he loves to wear it too!

Calum's class had to decorate their homework jotters with things they love and I love his cover! It really sums him up.

On the front he has the Beano, Calvin & Hobbes and Lego.

On the back he has Diary of a Wimpy Kid and his favourite British Olympic Gold Medalists.

Sticking with Calum's homework, his teacher has so many fun ideas for them. For their spelling words last week they could either make up a story using the words or use them in pictures. Calum was so inspired by our trip to London that he based his spelling words around that.

Isn't this amazing?

Oh, one more thing from Calum's homework.

He's our little bookworm and is currently reading through all of Roald Dahl's books. He was so excited to come home this week with their new reading book for school - Roald Dahl's 'The Magic Finger' but in Gaelic. I've never seen any of his books translated to Gaelic before.

Finally, I loved that this week I started some of my piano pupils on these...

The music above is from the book below - my first ever Christmas carol book, which I got when I was about 8!

And that's my list for this week! We're looking forward to fireworks tonight for Guy Fawkes night. Enjoy whatever you all have planned for the weekend.


  1. So cool that you got to try out the glow sticks in the bath...we do them quite regularly here still and always make it such a fun night! I've never heard of that Roald Dahl book, might have to check it out. And love that it is the time of the year for Christmas carols!

  2. That panda suit is so adorable!


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