Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Big Brothers & Boxes

What more does a boy need but big brothers and boxes?

Today I took delivery of my hubby's main Christmas present which the boys helped me wrap up. 

We were then left with a big empty box.

I went off to help Calum with some accordion after bathtime and came through a little while later to find James had made the box into a bespoke car for Alasdair.

The car stereo was playing his favourite song (Silver Wings)...

The boot (trunk) was full of toys.....

And he had asked for a tough car so James made it a Land Rover.

Inside the box he added a couple of comfy cushions, a teddy or two and then Alasdair spent the rest of the evening quite content in it, before parking it carefully at bedtime.

I'd love to share what the present in the box was, but as my hubs reads my blog then I mustn't! I'm very excited about it though and equally excited about the saving I made through an Amazon Black Friday week special deal!


  1. Aren't you glad you blog about these things, so you'll never forget them? :) That is such great fun - three cheers for good big brothers!

    I look forward to learning about the mystery gift after Christmas. :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing that Sarah Jayne said; It is wonderful to be able to record all these precious things with picture and writing. They will be wonderful treasured memories all their lives. Your boys are so precious. I love their box car... we have had many a big box car with all of our boys.... even Eddie who came to us at age 10. No big box should ever have to go to waste :p

    I enjoyed David's lego party as well. What a lot of fun ideas you had. The dino sandwiches were so cute. I would love to see those chocolates and the ice trays you made them in.

  3. Big brothers are wonderful!!! Boxes have been discovered as pure delight in our house. Since we are all moving sometime next week, there are boxes everywhere! Luckily the boys are very happy about it! I can't wait to hear about your hubby's present! :)


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