Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Birthday David!

Today we celebrated the 7th birthday of our energetic, strong willed but incredibly sweet and loving 3rd born.

He was born in the early hours of a very frosty Remembrance Sunday morning after a nice easy labour (in as much a way as you can call childbirth easy!) An hour and 20 minutes after I first woke up that night he was born.

My brother & his wife were on standby to look after our older boys, who were then aged 5 and 3. However, when my husband went to call them he came back upstairs to me and said, 'What's plan B? They aren't answering their phone!' We knew we could ask one of our neighbours to come but it was 3.30am and we didn't know if they would hear the door knocking (we couldn't ring them as we had never thought of taking their phone number since we see them all the time anyway!)

Fortunately my quick thinking hubby phoned a single friend who lived a few streets away. She answered her phone and was soon round. The next obstacle was the heavily frosted up windows on the car but after a liberal dose of de-icer we were soon on our way.

For some time afterwards we teased my brother and sister-in-law about their missing the phone call that they had been primed for for so long. Apparently every other night they had taken the phone upstairs but not that one. 

Three years later when our 4th boy was born, I think my poor sister in law still felt so guilty about it that when we phoned her to come round she was here in record time! Which was just as well considering how quickly HE came - 45 minutes after I first woke up. I had literally just sat on the hospital bed.

Anyway, back to the birthday boy. I thought it would be fun to look through his previous birthdays and see how he has grown.

Here he is at 12 hours old. Back home and tucked up.

I couldn't resist adding this one of his proud big brothers.

From the start he had such beautiful big dark eyes. The other three boys all have their daddy's blue eyes. He has my green eyes, although his are a much darker green.

I couldn't find his first birthday photos on this computer, but he is on his 2nd birthday. (That's a fire engine cake)

On his 3rd birthday.

4th birthday.

5th birthday, complete with pirate costume.

And last year, on his 6th birthday, surrounded by his brothers and cousins.

This year all he asked for was a Pillow Pet, which he loves. He also got a remote controlled Rally Car, which he also loves. I think both contrasting gifts sum up the two sides of his personality so well!

Lastly, here he is with his cake tonight. And the Pillow Pet.


  1. Happy Birthday to a handsome & sweetie of a boy! Wow, Kirsteen, he may have your eyes, but that picture of him on his 3rd birthday startled me with how much he looks like his daddy (based on the pix I've seen, at leat:)!

    P.S. The cake, as usual, looks amazing!

    1. Thanks SarahJayne . I've never really seen him like his daddy because I think he looks so much like my youngest brother. He does though look more like his daddy in that photo!

  2. I loved reading about when he was born! So funny about your brother and sister missing the phone call lol! What a cutie he is and was as a baby! "sniff" makes me a little sad seeing his sweet baby pictures and how quickly he has grown up to be such a big boy! All your cakes over the years are so amazing Kirsteen! Happy Birthday David xoxoxo!

  3. Happy Birthday to David. He is such a cute little boy. I love his pirate outfit. I enjoyed reading his story. My labors were also all quick and relatively easy births (if, as you say, any childbirth can ever be called easy... just compared to the 36 hour variety is what we mean right?) ; With my two oldest, it was two hours, and with the girls it was two and a half, and three (Elizabeth being born 30 minutes after Marie). I love all the pictures. I like how you have a picture for every year... I would like to re wind and do that for each of my children... I was not so organized in those days. We used only film then, and I started out keeping the pictures in photo albums, and then somewhere along the line I lost my momentum, and the pictures all wound up in a nice box. I have managed to put together a few scrapbooks since then, but keep waiting till there is more free time and space to get everything out and put it all in order from start to finish again; it is a hopeful dream. Your scrap book pictures are very nice.


  4. Happy Birthday to your little guy! He looks so happy. Such a great birth story, btw :)

  5. Aww loved reading about little David's birth story. You are an amazing birther Kirsteen. I laughed about your sister -in-law and brother missing the call. I would have been so mad if I missed the call for my sister lol!!

    I love the pictures of David through the years and all the cakes :) My favorite is the fire truck cake!

    Much love dear friend
    ~ Marie


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