Monday, 19 November 2012

David's Lego Party

On Saturday David had a few friends and his cousins round for a Lego party to celebrate his 7th birthday.

He was so excited from the moment he woke up in the morning, forever asking when it would be his party - it didn't start until 3pm so the first time he asked I could see him deflate when I said it was still 7 hours away!

I put his excitement to good use though and he helped me get everything organised.

His first job was to fill the Lego party bags with the Lego goodies we had found on Amazon.

He helped me make the sandwiches.

He put the Lego mini figure rice paper pictures on the cupcakes as I iced them.

He watched me make the mini figure head cake pops.


Then finally it was time for the party to start.

While we waited for everyone to arrive I had dot to dot sheets from for those who were waiting. I also found a blank Lego man picture and everyone had to design their own Lego man.

We played 'stick the Lego shark on the water while blindfolded' (again from Amazon).


There was also a game of pass the parcel. Whenever anyone took a wrapper off they were given a chocolate Lego mini figure that I made using our mini figure ice cube tray.


I found a great printable Lego bingo (just search for that on google and it will come up). The kids really enjoyed that and I really enjoyed that we had a nice quite game to play!

After the bingo I brought out some of the Lego board games that we have in our cupboard. The partygoers split into two groups and played two different games, then swapped over.


The smaller ones played their game much quieter than the bigger ones above!


Then it was time for the food.






And the birthday cupcakes.

Daddy was away at a conference all day and arrived home half an hour after the last guest had left (apart from the cousins, who were still here). Some of you may be thinking that was rather convenient of him........:0)

Anyway, just so that he didn't miss out on all the Lego fun, we had a family games night and spent it playing....

....a Lego board game of course!



  1. Kirsteen, you got me inspired for little Ezra's birthday :) His is in late December and right after Christmas so I need to be thinking about it now so as not to overwhelm myself with Christmas.

    I adore those precious dinosaur sandwiches. So cute! I love the cake too.

    ~ Marie

  2. What pure BLISS!! Every little detail!!! You are an excellent party planner and I plan on mimicking you as my guy gets bigger!!!! :) I think this party is every little boys dream come true!


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