Friday, 20 March 2015

Things I'm loving

Since Meghan had to stop her linky for Things I'm Loving posts I got out of the way of writing them, but I miss the little reviews of the simple things in our life and so have been meaning to get my own posts up and running again. After all it's in these simple little things that memories are made.


This week got off to a flying start with Mothers Day on Sunday. My star baker, Calum (12) made up a batch of pancakes for breakfast entirely on his own.


Not only that, but he had also baked a chocolate cake for later on in the day! The recipes for both of these can be found under the Allergy Free tab at the top of the blog.
We don't really do Mother's Day presents as such, as I would far rather something handmade - like pancakes and chocolate cake! - and so I was presented with four handmade cards.
I love how each boy's card shared something about their personalities.
For example, James (15) is a great artist who has a rather crazy sense of humour...
His drawing is of Phteven the dog, whose real name is Tuna and who is found in memes all over the Internet.
Being a busy mum of 5, married to a husband with a very hectic work life, it is so easy to find that days are ticking by and we haven't had any proper time together. Time set aside for just us, without children to see to, jobs to be done, work to be dealt with...
So it was lovely one afternoon this week when he had the afternoon off work to be able to grab a cup of tea and some cake before school pickup time, in an amazing Italian coffee house that we haven't been to since before we were married. Of course little Fraser was with us, but we managed to time it right so that he slept in his pushchair the whole time we were there.
This week we had parents meeting at the Primary school.
This little man did us proud.
Before he started school in August I was really unsure how he would be. He had always been such a quiet mummy's boy and he never really settled in to his couple of mornings a week at nursery.
Only a couple of days into his new school routine and we could see that he loved it. Even now, long after the initial excitement of starting school has died down, he is always the first boy up out of bed in the morning and the first dressed for school.
His lovely teacher is really pleased with how his first year in school is going. Of course it does also help that he is the only person in his class who has Gaelic at home and who always understands what the teacher is saying to them!
Anyway, he wanted to show off his new Transformer to everyone.




Sports mad David (9) also got a good report this week too.



He's loved the opportunity to help daddy with some shinty coaching in a different school. The shinty coaches were asked if they would teach a block of lessons to a couple of other primary schools nearby to introduce the sport. David asked his dad if he could go along too, they asked his head teacher and she said he could. So, for an hour or so a week, for a few weeks he has gone along with dad to share his love of shinty with other children. Apparently it was a big hit and these children were sad to have their last session this week.
Today I loved the fact that finally it felt a little bit like spring is on the way.
Fraser loves to be outside and it was a bit more pleasant sitting out with him this afternoon. Don't be fooled by the short sleeves that David is wearing in the photo above though! It wasn't quite that warm, although he didn't notice!





And finally, I couldn't let today go by without sharing my photos of this morning's Solar Eclipse.
It was a beautiful sunny morning at first and then some clouds rolled in about half an hour before the eclipse. They actually made it easier to see the eclipse though, as it wasn't so bright against the sky.
The clouds look really dark in my photos but they weren't that dark at all. I also thought that with a 93% eclipse it would be a lot darker than it turned out to be. It was as dark as a big rain cloud passing by. It did however get an awful lot colder while the eclipse was taking place.
Anyway, here's my view of it.







Apparently when the next one is viewable from the UK my boys will be 26, 23, 20, 16 and 12!


I'll be glad we have this little Things I'm Loving to look back on and remember by then!


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  1. I am enjoying a lovely catch up on your blog; Those boys are so sweet. They are truly special boys. I am amazed at Calum's cooking/baking abilities, they always look so good, and Jame's picture was wonderful… and hilarious. Loved "Pheteven". I hadn't seen him before, but will have to keep a look out for him now. The "Wee Guys" are growing, and both so handsome. Those a great shots of the Eclipse. I didn't see anything, but knew it was coming… its nice to have your post of it. Did you put it on Instagram?


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