Monday, 16 March 2015

Make it Monday - Mini Egg Bark

Those of you who have been following our houseful of boys for any length of time will probably know that my absolute favourite Christmas treat is the ridiculously easy to make - and also far to easy to eat - Peppermint Bark.

A layer of milk chocolate covered with a layer of white chocolate that contains some peppermint essence and topped with crushed candy canes.


Well, I got to thinking recently that since the Peppermint Bark season is so short, perhaps I could extend it by making an Easter version.


And so I did.


And boy was I delighted with the results!


I switched the layers of chocolate around, with the white is on the bottom this time so that the mini eggs show up better.


All you need to do is melt 300g white chocolate and spread in a lined rectangular baking tray. Let it harden in the fridge while you melt 300g milk chocolate and then spread this on top of the white layer. Lightly crush a 90g bag of mini eggs (I'm pretty sure there was more in these last year than 90g!) and sprinkle over the top of the milk chocolate while warm. Then just let it all set and slice it into squares.


Our favourite chocolate is Aldis basic chocolate that costs 30p for a 100g bar so this treat is not only delicious but super savvy cost wise too. A whole tray will cost on £2.80 and would make a lovely Easter gift if packaged up nicely. Much cheaper than an Easter Egg and you get more chocolate in it too! Win, win.


In order to compensate for how much of this delight that I may have eaten over the weekend, today marked the restart (after a rather long absence) of our Couch to 5k running for myself and Calum (12) and David (9). I'm not convinced I'll ever be a good runner but it feels good to get out and do something after hibernating all winter!


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  1. Delicious! I think there should be a chocolate bark recipe for every season and celebration of the year! Love it.


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