Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Walking in the woods - as seen through Calum's camera lens.

I've posted plenty pictures of our Sunday afternoon walks to the duck pond in the woods across the road from us before.

The photos in this post are different, however, as they were all taken by Calum (11). He got a semi-decent camera this time last year for his birthday but these last couple of weeks he has really begun to show a good eye for the shots he takes.

There are quite a few photos to share so I'll just let them do the talking. 

These are how our local woods have been looking over the last couple of weeks, with the beginnings of Autumn creeping in. You might also spot Calum's fondness for wildlife shots! 

Oh, and a return of the Gaelic word for the day!

tunnag (toon-ag) - duck


  1. Hello!!!
    Just wonderful photos! I am going to Pinterest these babies (ducks)... Hey ,just quick the shawl was fine it was the home sight it came from I was like, awful so I deleted just that one, because of the original source. Now, who would of thought that.. Some people.
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Wow!! these are wonderful. Tell Calum great job! I love the ducks, and berries and mushrooms... hehehe I guess I just like every last one.

  3. What a lovely blog. Great pictures Calum, you have a good eye for composition. My parents are Irish Gaelic speakers (though rusty) good to see your word for the day. x


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