Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I honestly didn't expect to be writing this post until at least the end of the week but I'm glad to be able to do so sooner rather than later!


On Monday morning at 3.37am, only a few hours after his due date, Fraser Donald Murray was born weighing 8lb 1oz.


On Sunday afternoon the boys and dad were heading out for our usual Sunday afternoon walk to the woods and I really couldn't be bothered as I was so tired, but I had it in the back of my mind that the night David was born was after a long walk so it wouldn't do any harm to waddle along with them, just in case it should help get things started!


As I put Calum's light out on Sunday night the last thing he said was, 'I really hope the baby comes tonight'. I replied that the closest any of them had come to their due dates was David who was 3 days late so not to get his hopes up.


Everything was just normal as we went to bed about midnight.


2 hours later I woke up with what I thought could have been a contraction. I'd been having Braxton Hicks for months, as in all previous pregnancies, and some of these had been pretty uncomfortable, even to the point of disturbing me in the night, so I thought it was possibly just yet another of these. Still, because I knew we were to try and get to the hospital quite quickly then I ought to stay awake and just check if another came. Which it did about 5 minutes later. I still didn't think it was too painful though and didn't want to wake up my hubs in case it was a false alarm. Two more contractions later and I concluded that, yes, ok they probably were more painful than the usual ones and decided to get our plan into action.


We phoned my sister in law to come over to look after the boys and headed to the hospital.


By the time we got to the hospital I think the contractions were already only about 2-3 minutes apart and things just kind of escalated quickly from then on. It wasn't too long until our newest little man was in my arms. It's funny how four of the five boys were born within half an hour of 4am. Only our oldest was born late morning.



We were left in peace to get some rest for a couple of hours before the midwife came back to do the weigh in. Daddy and baby both had a nice wee snooze but I couldn't sleep.


8lb 1oz is the lightest of any of our boys - three were 8lb 5oz & Calum was 8lb 12oz - but he is also the least overdue and managed to beat them all in length. The other 4 were all 21 inches exactly but Fraser measured in at 21 1/2!


Once all the necessary checks were done we were both allowed to leave for home before midday. The maternity ward is so busy that if you and baby are both healthy and it's not your first baby, they really try and encourage you to go home if you can and we have been able to do this with each of the boys, except, like I said, our first. The midwife said that a house with four boys would probably be more restful than the ward!


It was lovely to come home to a house tidied up by my sister in law as well as a lovely pan of soup she had made us. I'd only had toast to eat in the hospital so was pretty hungry!


I think that's all the necessary details so I'll leave you with a few more photos of our newest little bundle. The other boys are absolutely delighted with him and always desperate for cuddles. Alasdair has been very good with him but not quite brave enough to hold him yet. He will help me wind him though!

















Ok, so that was quite a few shots, but he's just so adorable. Worth all 9 months of that morning sickness!



  1. SOOOO precious! What a blessing!! Thrilled for you over on this side of the pond! :) Congratulations!

  2. He is an ANGEL!!! I can't stop staring at him!!! I am so glad you didn't have to go passed your due date :) And how lovely of your sis-in-law to have everything nice for you. I am very glad it isn't too cold there yet. He is so tiny and precious!!! I loved what your midwife said about being safe if you had been married to Henry the VIII!! HAHA! Five gorgeous precious, brilliant boys!!! Congratulations to you and your husband Kirsteen. I can't stop smiling :) Much love and rest to you and precious Fraser.....

  3. He's just perfect! What a handsome little man :)
    Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!!!

  4. Wow, that's lovely Kirsteen! So nice for you all. Every blessing from the Macdonalds in Garrabost. xx

  5. Kirsteen,

    Congratulations to you and all your boys! He is just so darn cute!

  6. HOORAY! and AMEN! We are so excited and happy for you and your beautiful family! Fraser is certainly beautiful enough to belong to your family! (And that takes some doing since you live with a houseful of very handsome men!) Glad you are up to writing a post! It is so fun to see those older brothers holding their newest brother!
    May the Lord bless you as you continue to raise these young men to His glory!

  7. Oh, and his baby blanket is lovely!

  8. What a precious little one!! Congratulations. :)

  9. Congrats to all of you!
    I loved reading all about it...
    But, I am very upset as my pictures from your blog will not pull up ! (REALLY)
    Now this takes the cake, not being able to see his sweet little face....
    I will try again in the morning!
    Blessings, and get some rest LOL that was not really funny.
    Blessings, Roxy

  10. Congratulations, Kirsteen! What a blessing. He's just gorgeous and I love the name ... Scottish names always sound so, well, so... *masculine* :)

    Loved the Henry VIII comment... so funny!

    Oh, one more 'love' .... the blanket. Gorgeous :)

  11. Fraser is just precious. I love this name. Did I miss the Henry VIII comment on here or did you post it somewhere else?

  12. Congratulations!!!! Wow, I am just in love Kirsteen! What a way to end my day. I will be going to sleep tonight and probably dream about him. He is just too cute for words! I love all the pictures of the boys holding him.

    So many blessings to you and your precious family!
    ~ Marie

  13. Oh Kirsteen, how did this post go by and I didn't see it. Elizabeth told me... and then I looked and there was you wonderful announcement on my side bar. Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you. What a precious "Wee Guy". He is perfect. Loved hearing the story about him. It is wonderful that your sister in law was able to come over take care of the boys and make the house so cozy for you. Also, like the others, I love the blanket; perfect timing. Congratulations again.
    Love and Blessings,


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