Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I'm still here!

I thought I'd better check in just in case anyone was getting excited thinking that baby had made an arrival or was in the process of doing so!


My due date is this Sunday so I suppose things could kick off at any time now, but the other boys all hung on in there a bit past their due dates so I'm trying to keep thinking that we still have a week or two left. That way it's not quite so depressing when the days tick on by past your date!


I'll do a proper update tomorrow of how things are going at 39 weeks but in the meantime here's a few of things going on in our house over the last week. Which isn't an awful lot as we've really been laying low.


Just in case!


James (13) decided to teach Alasdair (4) how to play chess one night. I was a bit sceptical about how much he would understand of it, although I knew James would be good to him and let him win. The following morning Alasdair asked James if he could play "chest" again because it was his new favourite game and when James asked him if he knew where all the pieces went he got them all right!


The two buddies were also busy painting our shed and the new back fence, which was finally fixed after being in a dilapidated state all summer. The gap is where the gate is going to go, so that the boys can go out and play in the woods without having to climb the fence - which is how the fence became dilapidated in the first place!
The nice new painted bit of the fence made the rest look a bit scruffy though and so David (7) and Calum (11) also got their painting clothes on and came out to help.


And finally, my biggest boy joined the Army Cadets at the end of the summer holidays. He has been loving it so far and this week got his proper kit. I think it looks great on him. The only thing wrong is that the Tam O Shanter hat they supplied is far, far too small. It's small enough to fit Alasdair so I'm not sure what sort of teenager would have a head that small! He has another one on order though and I'll share a photo of him with the full regalia on once it's here.
Still, Alasdair is rather chuffed to be able to wear this one and accompany James in the photo!



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  1. That is so sweet he wanted to teach him to play chess! What precious memories. :)


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