Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Crochet Baby Blankie Toy

Short and sweet tonight.

The week we were away on holiday I rustled up a few of these baby blankie toys.

Since we were away I didn't have the stuffing for them so since we got back they have been sitting waiting for the little finishing touches.

Now that they have my attention all they need are some facial features.

I know safety eyes would look best, but since they are for small babies I didn't want to take the risk of them coming off so I'm going to sew on the eyes and a little mouth & nose instead.

These too, as well as the blankets, are heading off to The Mercy House.


  1. They are so cute! I've never made something like that...adorable! :)

  2. Very cute little snuggle toys! Just the size for little hands! Even my 5 yr. olds love to sleep w/ just that size of dolly in their arms! Nice to know some sweet little arms will enjoy those blankie toys! Precious!

  3. Hello Kirsteen! Don't know if my comment got erased in the blogger hoopla....
    These little blanket toys are adorable! You did a great job! This is just the size toy that my 5 year olds like to sleep with! So they span a good number of childhood years!
    Do you have a pattern?
    Have a great weekend!


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