Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Great Granny and the shopping trip (and a completed WIP)

This afternoon myself and the boys took my brother and my granny down to the shopping centre.

My granny was very keen to get to Marks & Spencer while she was here so that's where we headed.

After a little walk round the store we stopped for tea and cake.

Mine was a lovely Earl Grey and an even lovelier Caramel Slice.

Then we hit the shopping trail again and granny got what she was after.

My granny is in her 80s, so walking was a lot slower than the breakneck speed the boys usually like to take, but they were very patient.

I also finally got round to sewing the little faces on the baby blankie toys.


  1. Those blankie toys are SO cute! Great job! I'll bet shopping w/ granny can be a different kind of shopping, but very nice indeed. I'd like a slice of that caramel! (Got the Earl Grey!)
    Have a great day!

  2. How special to have your family around...especially your granny!!
    And the pictures of your boys in the previous post are so great - definitely some good-looking guys! :)

  3. I can just see your granny in M&S!! And the poor boys tagging along....

    What lovely toys you've made - is there any end to your talents?!

    Oh, and what a lovely evening - a meal, with adult company... AND two puddings... you sure did have a good night!


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