Monday, 9 May 2011

A walk in the woods

Straight across the road from where we live are little woods where we go for a walk nearly every Sunday afternoon, after our Sunday roast.

(This is my beloved's favourite Sunday lunch - Roast Beef & Yorkshire Puddings)

It's a lovely wee walk to do in all seasons, but since we do this walk so often I've never taken my camera along before. Yesterday I remembered.

So, come along for a wee stroll and I'll show you the highlights. 

First thing we come across on our walk is the duck pond.

The ducks are quite tame as most people who go there bring them some breadcrumbs.

Then we go off through the woods.

There are these wooden walkways over the really muddy parts. The boys pretend that the walkways are train tracks and that they are the trains.

No walk is complete without a few sticks.

Here are 'Moses' and 'Aaron'.

The main thing the boys were looking out for on yesterday's walk was bluebells.

And we found them. 

Don't bluebells make you think of little fairies? 

Perhaps I read too many Flower Fairies books when I was younger. Not much call for them in this house anyway!


  1. Lovely walk, and adorable Moses and Aaron! :)
    And yes, bluebells are definitely a fairy flower! I'm telling our Twinkles a story right now wherein the Queen of the Fairies lives in a patch of bluebells (but don't tell them yet, 'cause they're still waiting to find that out!:)

  2. Kirsteen,
    This post made me feel like I was reading a storybook.
    It is all so pretty (including the roast beef dinner). I remember the Bluebells from when I lived in Wales when I was very young. Yes, they do make me think of little fairies and have always been a favorite memory. I have never seen them here. Perhaps in other parts of the country. Love Moses and Aaron.

  3. Nothing quite so fun as being outdoors! Our nature trail has many migratory birds visiting right now, so we have had fun trying to identify them all. Love those bluebells... they make my daughter think of Tinkerbell.


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