Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Weekend fun.

On Saturday afternoon the Gaelic school choir were singing at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh as part of an event called Scotland Sings. The choir was part of a larger choir made up of another three local adult Gaelic choirs.

While we waited for the choir to finish their final rehearsal we had time to have a very quick look at the animal hall of the museum.





After our quick look at the animals we had time for a quick cup of tea in the cafe before going back to the main auditorium to listen to the choir. The school choir is made up of pupils from primary 5 to primary 7 so Calum is our only boy in it (4th from the left, front row)

They sang beautifully and weren't distracted by the fact that a lot of the museum life was continuing around them, so there was a fair amount of background noise.

Before heading home we visited another part of the ground floor, with exhibits ranging from the 1600s...


....to slightly more recently!

And on our way to the train home we passed a very cool shop where my husband bought himself a great new mug!

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