Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gaelic Choir & Christmas Lights

Every year the Gaelic school choir are invited by the community council to sing at the switch-on of the Christmas tree lights near the school.

It's always lovely to go along to and really kicks off the Christmas celebrations.

So, last night they all wrapped up warm, and boy did they need to wrap up - it was freeeezzzing - and performed their little medley of Gaelic Christmas songs.

What you can't see in the clip below is how cold it was, although a few children jumping to try and stay warm kind of gives it away, and that it was snowing too.

Despite the temperatures they still sang very sweetly!

At the start of the second song their singing teacher invited the younger brothers and sisters who were watching to join in too, so David stood rather proudly at the front! 


  1. Very fun! What a great tradition for starting the holidays!

  2. Well, I had to go get another blanket... just watching them made me cold; I think I will throw some more wood on the fire :). How very, precious they are. I love to hear carolers, and children singing is the best. Thanks for sharing the video. We are hoping to get our tree up this week end. We have been cleaning out and rearranging, and wanted to get that done first. I am looking forward to getting in the cozy, Christmassy mode... this helps.

    Love and Blessings,


  3. I must admit to being more than a little jealous of little Alasdair sitting in his pushchair, with his warm coat, hat and gloves and then wrapped up from top to toe in a warm fleecy blanket!

    We are also decorating for Christmas this weekend. Tomorrow we are choosing our tree, a caring Christmas tree - the charity my husband works for have a project where they sell trees and all the profits go towards their winter night shelter for rough sleepers. I think I need a blog post about that though!


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