Thursday, 30 April 2015

There goes April!

April is nearly over already and since I've been too busy to post anything the last couple of weeks it's time for a mammoth post, as much to remind myself in the future of what happened this month as anything else!


For the most part it was a beautiful month weather-wise.


While we were away for around 10 days on our Easter break we enjoyed our first visit of the year to the beach.













Also while we were away, we spent a bit of time with my husband's old bachelor uncle.
He came along for a spot of golfing...









...and we spent some time at his croft house, where he has lived since he was born!


The croft goes down to the Dornoch firth and the boys did a spot of beach combing there.




No holiday is complete without visiting some coffee shops!
Sometimes sitting outdoors...

...and sometimes sitting indoors...


...looking out over the famous golf course.
I think Fraser (1) may be a bit of an animal lover like Calum (12). He just loved going out with Calum to look after our friends' sheep!


Once we returned home it was all hands to work.
Dad had taken some extra days off and we had decided it would be a good chance to paint the bedrooms. All three of them. At the same time.
It wasn't as mad and crazy as that might sound though!
The boys all mucked in to help.
Calum, Ally (5) and David (9) all helped paint their room...
And James (15) painted his room on his own without any help.
Some people did get messier than others!
I helped with painting our room whenever Fraser was napping.
I might do a proper reveal of the boys rooms another time, but here is a peek at Calum, David and Ally's room. They chose the colour themselves and I think it looks great!
Fraser likes Ally's bed as he can climb onto it easily and play!
Painting over and done with, April also saw:
- us hosting our first barbecue of the year.
- a trip to watch the shinty and catch up with old friends.
- Auntie Anna's birthday barbecue and the cake Calum made for her.
- more beautiful weather and the chance to add another vegetable bed to the garden.
- Fraser discovered his love for the water table and hose.
- we came across some crazy amigos at our church's fundraising Mexican supper evening.
And just in case we got too used to the lovely weather, April also reminded us that we live in Scotland and summer is still a way off!






  1. Wow! What a month!
    Great pictures! and memories!

  2. I enjoyed every part. The beach holiday looked so fun. Fraser looks adorable at his Uncles farm in his Wellies… with the sheep. Love the painting of the bedrooms, its always so nice to have a fresh coat of paint on the walls. The barbecue and Mexican supper looked great. That was a wonderful month of memories.


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