Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A family filled weekend

We had a busy weekend. Busy and filled with family celebrations.
It kicked off on Friday, Valentines Day, and also my youngest brother's17th birthday. He came down to visit for the weekend, as did my mum and dad, and so we all celebrated his birthday at my other brother's house on Friday evening.
Calum (11) baked him a cake and then James (14) helped him to decorate it. My brother is a big footballer and plays for his local team so the boys made a cake in the colours of his team with his nickname on the back.
I had bought some cake fountains to put on the cake instead of candles. I didn't realise they would burn quite so high! They provided some entertainment for all the boys and their cousins though. As well as setting off the smoke alarm!


After dinner the boys and their cousins had some xbox fun with their uncle.


My dad took this photo of me and little Fraser after dinner.


Then on Sunday it was Fraser's baptism.
It was quite the family afair as my dad took the service and did the baptism. My father in law was involved by leading one of the prayers and my older younger brother led the singing.
After the service we had organised for both of our families to have lunch together in the church hall.
It was a combined effort on the food front too. My mum, brother's wife, hubby's sister, mother in law and myself all brought different things along.
Some of the boys helped set the tables...
My brother, who has a weekend job in a restaurant, tried to teach my mum how they do the napkins where he works....
Have you noticed there isn't a girl in sight?!
My dad entertained Fraser while I finished off my food...
...which was some lovely Hebridean salmon and salad.
Pudding saw a return of the Coca Cola Cake, made by Calum; Banoffee Pie, made by James; and the lovely chocolate meringue stack made by my sister in law.


Once we had cleared up after our food we took the chance to get some family photos. Fraser was changed back into his baptism gown for them, which has been worn at each baptism since my youngest brother's.
Firstly with my husband's parents and sister.


Then with my parents, two brothers, sister in law and nephews.


And finally with both of our families together.


Family filled and fun filled.



  1. Hello Kirsteen, It was nice to see all the boys, they are getting so big! It was funny about the candles setting off the smoke alarms, I bet the boys loved that! You have a lovely family! I imagine you are super busy these days!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Congratulations! quite a weekend! can't believe the resemblance between your dad and younger brother - mirror image!

  3. What a beautiful family Kirsteen. I see you have a younger brother... who is close to the same age as our Eddie. (who actually turned 18 in Jan.) Your family is spread a little like ours... Nathan being the oldest at 34 this summer, and of course down to Eddie as we said. You really do have a family of boys. Wow. I love seeing all of the pictures. Your blog gave me a little scare this week, when I thought it was gone... I am so glad it isn't gone. I felt an immediate sadness and called Marie who comforted me, making me think it was perhaps just a fluke... and so it was... I am so glad you are back on. I realize how attatched I have gotten to some of my blogging friends. Have a great week.

  4. What a wonderful time! The pictures are great!
    I was worried when I saw your blog missing, and hoped it was just a glitch. Sarah said she would check w/ you on facebook. Anyhow, sorry for the inconvenience it caused you....VERY glad you are back!


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